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The Cambridge Food For Life Fast Start Program is a unique program for people who wish to lose weight as rapidly, yet safely, as possible. The Fast Start Program is a sole source of nutrition and allows you to lose weight quickly because all you need is three servings of Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition or four servings Original 330 Formula daily during this program. Through the balanced nutrition of the Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition formulas, your body will get the critical nutrients it needs to maintain good health in only 420 calories each day.

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• Maximum weight loss in the shortest possible time.
• Recommended for people with 10 - 15 pounds or less to lose.
• Lose 10 pounds in two weeks (may be partly from loss of excess fluids).
• May be used as a "fast start" to the Regular Program for greater initial weight loss.·
• May be used periodically along with the Regular Program to accelerate your weight loss during plateaus or to compensate for periods of overeating.

This program is followed for a maximum of two consecutive weeks. If you have more weight to lose, follow the Regular Program using the Fast Start Program whenever you feel the need to give your weight loss progress a little "boost." The Fast Start Program should not be used for more than two consecutive weeks unless under the supervision of a physician.

How to Use the Program:

• Enjoy three servings (420 calories) of the Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition formula (cereal, soups, or drinks) each day at or near your normal mealtimes or enjoy four servings (440 calories) of the Cambridge Original 330 Formula (Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla... etc) each day at or near your normal mealtimes.
• Do not skip any servings.
• Drink a minimum of eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water each day (tea, coffee, and other non-caloric beverages are allowed in addition to, but not substituting for, the water).·

How Your Body Loses Weight on a Very-Low-Calorie Diet

While on the Fast Start Program, your body will be going through some adjustments to a very-low-calorie diet. After a few days, it will convert to using stored fat as its primary source of fuel usually creating a state of mild ketosis in the body. This can actually benefit you by creating a mild feeling of euphoria, extra energy, and some suppression of hunger.

If, at any time on the Fast Start program, you experience prolonged headache, nausea, vomiting, or any other symptoms, return to the Regular Program and contact your physician.