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The Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition and Weight Management System is remarkably effective in providing long-term weight management. This success is mostly due to the ease and simplicity of the Cambridge Maintenance Program. It consists of simply continuing to use the Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition formula as a nutritional foundation while you determine what caloric level you need to maintain your individual body weight. In this way, you can easily control your total calories without jeopardizing good nutrition.

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Begin by gradually adding conventional foods to your Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition and Weight Management Program until you reach the number of calories that support your desired body weight and activity level. That's your maintenance point.

Weigh yourself weekly, at the same time each morning, with the same amount of clothing (preferably before you have had anything to eat or drink). If you find a pound or two creeping back, you have three options. You can:

• Lower the calories in your maintenance program.
• Increase your exercise.
• Switch back to one of the weight loss programs.