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Good health and well-being are built on a foundation of complete and balanced nutrition. The Cambridge Food For Life Nutrition products offers you a lifetime of nutritional assurance. Simply continue to take them every day as your nutritional foundation.

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Planning Healthy Meals for Life the Cambridge Way

There are a lot of ways to fit these nutritious and satisfying products into your own unique lifestyle and meal patterns - as a meal replacement, instant breakfast, healthy snack, or alternative lunch or dinner.

Regardless of how hectic your schedule is or how little time you have to dedicate to meal planning, shopping, and dining - your nutritional requirements are insured with Cambridge.

Cambridge Maintain For Life

Simple, efficient, and affordable to assure you are getting good nutrition every day - for life! Cambridge provides a sound nutritional base for all your other food choices. It's easy to combine Cambridge with select portions of traditional foods to create quick, delicious, and healthy meals for lifetime nutrition.

Some people prefer the range of choices available through the Cambridge Food For Life products and use it up to three times a day as a nutritional foundation, or as a meal replacement for one or two meals, or as a healthy snack. For example, use the cereal for a hot breakfast, or eat a bar with or for lunch, or enjoy a shake with your light evening meal for dessert - or do all three!

Making Healthy Food Choices

In addition to your Cambridge servings, simple basic foods unadorned by sauces and gravies are your best and easiest choices for healthy eating. What could be easier than small portions of meat, seafood, or poultry enhanced only by light seasonings and broiled or baked to tenderness? Add to that some steamed or microwaved vegetables with fragrant herbs and you have quickly arrived in a healthy gourmet heaven.

You can even add a little pasta, rice, potato, or bread if you like. Or, you can select portion-controlled prepared entrees and add your own fresh salad, vegetable, or fruit for an easy, balanced meal.